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to Get the Most Out of Your Existing Software Systems

Read This Before You Hire an ERP Consultant

If you are hesitant, at all, about an ERP implementation or about hiring a consultant to make it happen…tap the brakes. Consider options more cost-effective and less disruptive to your business. ...more


May 23, 20244 min read

Read This Before You Hire an ERP Consultant

Small Business and ERP Software By the Numbers

The ultimate benefits of an ERP system should include faster and smoother internal processes, increased profitability, better customer experience and scalability. ...more


February 06, 20243 min read

Small Business and ERP Software By the Numbers

Your bookkeeper stole ONE MILLION DOLLARS from your company

If you have even the slightest concern about the opportunity for someone to steal from your business, the highest ROI in your small business might just come from proper cash controls. ...more

Internal Controls

December 11, 20234 min read

Your bookkeeper stole ONE MILLION DOLLARS from your company

Frequently Asked Questions


How can DMYS help with disconnected software systems and operational inefficiencies stunting growth in my business?

We eliminate manual data entry and automate data capture from these disconnected systems so that you can make better decisions to grow your company.

We help you delay (possibly eliminate) the costly ERP implementation project you’ve been dreading.


What is a "data model"?

A data model captures raw data from multiple sources (software systems, websites, SQL databases, data warehouses, Excel files, CSV files and dozens of other sources) and ties the data together in a relational database.

It allows you to clean, shape, analyze, summarize and present all that data so that it is useful to you, as a business owner, to evaluate your business and make better decisions about how to grow it.


What do you mean by "automations"?

Automation is a fancy word for connections between software systems that move data without human intervention. We use automation technology tools to transfer data between your disconnected software systems so your admin staff don't have to do it by hand.

An example includes connecting to your billing software and its Application Programming Interface (API) to move transaction and timesheet data to your HR/Payroll software, so you can process payroll more quickly, and with fewer admin staff hours to do so.


What do you mean by "business intelligence"?

Business intelligence (BI) is just a fancy category name for tools that turn raw data into information you can use.

You see this information in custom dashboards and reports that highlight changes over time or give you a better understanding of your company's health and performance.

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